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Become A Guest Writer for Happy Home Dogs

Become A Guest Writer for Happy Home Dogs

Written by
Joseph Yarrington
8 min read

Guest writing is a fantastic way to boost traffic to your website, gain leads & clients, establish yourself as a thought leader & an expert, and boost your website’s SEO.

We’ve reached out to you because we can mutually benefit from featuring you as one of our official “Authors & Experts” (and yes, this does come with a badge).

If you were referred from another colleague, a friend, or just found us on Google, we’d also like to consider you as a guest writer (qualifications listed below).

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Cost To Guest Write For Happy Home Dogs



We won’t ever ask for your credit card info or any other type of payment info for being a guest writer or “Author & Expert”.


Because this is a mutually beneficial business relationship between the two of us. This program gives us additional content we can boost, and it gives you reach to our audience, SEO benefits, leads, online & offline authority, and more.

Benefits Of Guest Writing


There are actually a lot more benefits to guest writing than you may have considered before.

Guest writing can actually signal to Google that your website is legit, and push your website to more people (SEO).

Also, due to the nature of our business being a local business, guest writing on our site can also help you generate more leads in your local area.

You'll also be given a special authority badge and a confirmation site showing that you are an expert in your field.

You'll also expand your influence & reach by tapping into our growing audience.

That's a lot of benefits. Let's dive deeper into each one of those:

Boost SEO With Happy Home Dogs

Boost Your SEO Through Backlinks

To cut to the chase, this is one of the biggest reasons you should guest write with us (and any official and authoritative blog). 

You get a “follow” backlink in the bio on our “Authors & Experts” page, as well as a “follow” backlink at the top of every article you write.

What Is SEO/Backlinking? How Does It Help Me?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for your business to show up on Google. It’s the art of showing search engines that your website is authoritative, relevant, and worthy of directing viewers to.

One way Google determines how legit and relevant a website is called “backlinking”.

A backlink is a link from a website to your website.

It shows that the website that linked to you thinks you have worthwhile content that is worth showing to their audience.

Google views it as a vote of confidence.

Backlinks can be difficult to get organically.

What Type Of Backlinks Do I Get From You?

Every author that writes for us gets to create their own personal bio that appears at the top of their article. 

Under that bio, we'll also include a unique button with text that you choose (up to 30 characters), is a color of your choice (typically your brand's main color), and leads to a landing page of your choice (we recommend one where they can get in touch with you or purchase your product).

You’ll also get a second backlink on our “Authors & Experts” page, where your profile picture and bio are more prominently displayed.

So you benefit the most from writing your first article (2 backlinks), but are welcome to write more articles for additional backlinks (1 backlink per article).

Generate Leads For Dog Companies

Generate Qualified Leads For Yourself

We attract a lot of clients that we simply can’t service due to their local nature.

We appeal to a lot of dog owners that are looking for advice about Rover, Wag, dog sitting, grooming, and dog breeding. These people live all over the US.

We started this business specifically to find customers that are looking for those services.

However, because these people live all over the US, we simply can’t take all of them as customers. You’d have to be pretty ridiculous in order to drive across a few states just for a groomer or sitter.

So by writing on our blog and being featured on our authors & experts team, you’ll be able to take up some of the customers that we can’t.

Expand your reach and let the people near you find you through Happy Home Dogs.

How Can I Maximize This?

We recommend including your local area in your bio. That way, people know whether or not you can help them.

We will also include a button that will direct customers to wherever you'd like to direct them.

Build Your Online Authority

Official Happy Home Dogs "Author & Expert" Badge

Official Badge

Not only will you be able to build SEO authority, you’ll also be able to brand yourself as an expert to your and our audience as well!

Each guest writer will be awarded an “Authors & Experts” badge to display on your website, blog, social media, Rover page, etc.

Beyond that, you’ll also be able to link that badge to a page of ALL of our Authors & Experts so that your audience can verify that you actually earned it.

Not only that, but you’ll also be able to share your article on your social media platforms, your own website, and more!

This will show everyone that you are an accomplished writer, and that your expertise goes beyond the average dog enthusiast. You’re a published Author & Expert!

Show Off Your Unique Perspective/Advice

In addition to that, you’ll be able to show off your expertise in the actual content of your article. If you bring a new perspective to the table, a tip or trick that will help viewers, or helpful advice to those that need it, you’ll show that you know more than the average professional in your field.

Once you write your article, we’ll promote it to our audience, and you’ll be able to promote it to yours as well.

That way, you can expand your reach while also impressing those that you already reach.

Dog Companies How To Expand Reach

Expand Your Influence & Reach

We don’t just stop at articles.

We also have audiences on a wide variety of social media platforms. We post on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram, and more!

When we first receive and create your article, we’ll also start by taking your idea and creating a TikTok video on the topic. We will begin the video by crediting you by name. This will introduce you to our audience once again.

Then, depending on the response we see on TikTok, the info you present in your article, and other factors, we’ll also expand your ideas onto our other platforms. Any time that we use one of your ideas from one of your articles, we will give you a credit.

We require no additional effort on your part to create these additional pieces of content.

Almost all of our guest writers like the increased reach on these platforms. However, if you have any reason to NOT want us to post and create content on these platforms, we’ll happily respect your wishes. You are 100% welcome to write an article that will just be an article on our site.


We accept any and all people that earn an income (either main income or side income) revolving around dogs (breeding, walking, sitting, grooming, training, store owners, etc.) and have good writing skills.

We also accept people who do not earn an income from dogs, but have created content and gathered some kind of following and have strong content creation or writing skills.

If your writing skills are subpar, yet your experience and topic is good, we’re willing to help with the writing part.

What Types of Writing Do We Accept?

No Duplicate Content

We don’t accept copy and pasted articles, even if you are the original author.

If you already wrote an article on your own website, you can’t simply submit that a second time. That will hit us with a “Duplicate Content” error which will hurt our SEO.

You need to write a new article for this blog.


You are welcome to write any topic you’d like, as long as it follows the following guidelines:

It Needs To Be About Dogs

Pretty obvious, but we aren’t a food blog or a mechanic blog.

You need to write SOMETHING that can benefit dog owners.

There is still a WIDE variety of things you can talk about.

Homemade doggy treat recipes, how to get your dog certified in something, how to train your dog to play the piano, how to groom your dog, how to photograph your dog, whatever you’d like!

It Needs To Be Focused On Doggy Parents or Customers

(not other dog professionals)

This site is designed to benefit dog owners, not business owners. Our target audience isn’t other professionals (excluding this specific article).

This isn’t a B2B sales pitch.

So articles like “How to get accepted into the ABC Dog Grooming School” or even this blog article "Become A Guest Writer for Happy Home Dogs" wouldn’t work for this.

It needs to not be offensive.

This one is easy to follow as long as you aren’t a troll. Please don’t be offensive.

Not Required Bonus Tip: Keyword Research

If you’d like to have your article seen by more people, it may make sense to find out how many people are actually searching for your topic.

“Keyword Research” is searching for terms that people are already looking up on Google.

If no one is looking up your article’s topic, no one will see it on Google (they can still see it on social media, but that fades while Google traffic tends to grow).

Here are some tools to look for a topic that is similar to your idea, but written in a way that people will find it on Google: https://ahrefs.com/blog/free-keyword-research-tools/

Word Count

We require a minimum word count of 600 words. 

However, we recommend having a word count of 1200-2800 words.

Quality content that tends to rank well in Google tends to be around that length.

If your article ends up being MORE than 3,000 words, it may make more sense to split it into 2 or more articles.


The style of the article has to match professional article writing. If your article doesn’t match this, or if you are unfamiliar with online writing styles, we are happy to restyle your content for you.

Short Sentences
Short Paragraphs
Easy To Read (3rd to 7th grade reading level)
Lots of Headers


For graphics, we are happy to provide graphics for each main point. If you have graphics, please email them to us. They need to be at least 1920x1080, and if they are larger than that, they will be resized to 1920x1080 without stretching.

Get Started Guest Writing

How To Get Started

Click here or the button below to get started.

Step 1: Submit Your Idea

If you haven’t already written your article, you can submit your idea using the form at the top of the Submit Your Guest Writing Request page.

Step 2: Setting Up Your Author Profile

After you submit, we'll send you an email with more details about the program. We'll ask you for some basic info that we need in order to set you up as an Author & Expert.

We will build your profile while you write your article. This will typically take us 1 business day.

If you'd like to discuss the details of your topic, the Authors & Experts program, or anything else, we can also set up a phone call at this time.

Step 3: Submit Article

Once your article is written, you can submit it to us over email (happyhomedogs@gmail.com).

After you submit your article, we’ll publish it on the site in 1-4 business days (depending on if we are doing any edits or graphic design for you). After that, we will launch it and promote you on other social media.


Feel free to call us now at (208) 346-3543 if you have any questions about/before moving forward.

Looking forward to working with you! Submit your request today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do I Get Started?

Can I Just Email You An Article?

Yes! If it's your first article, please also include 1) a profile picture, 2) your name as you'd like it to be presented on our site, 3) a short bio, 4) a URL to your website that you'd like us to direct customers to, and 5) a Call To Action phrase that you'd like the button to say (such as "Check Out My Dog Treats").

If your article does not meet our guidelines, we'll email you back to verify that you are ok with any changes we need to make.


Become A Guest Writer for Happy Home Dogs

Guest writing is a fantastic way to boost traffic to your website, gain leads & clients, establish yourself as a thought leader & an expert, and boost your website’s SEO.


Boost Your SEO Through Backlinks

Generate Qualified Leads For Yourself

Build Your Online Authority

Expand Your Influence & Reach

Who's Qualified?

Full-Time & Part-Time Professionals That Work With Dogs/Dog Care In Some Way

Non-professionals With A Following That Have An Idea And A Following

How To Get Started

Click Here Or The Orange Button Above

Joseph Yarrington
Written By

Joseph Yarrington

Web developer, marketer, and co-founder of Happy Home Dogs, Joseph Yarrington supports Alexis Yarrington (main founder) on the technical side of the business.
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