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Top 52 Dog Hashtags for Dog Influencers on TikTok

Top 52 Dog Hashtags for Dog Influencers on TikTok

Written by
Joseph Yarrington
3 min read

Ah, the all-mighty algorithm of TikTok. Determining who wins and who loses based on hashtags, length, personality, and who knows what else.

We can help you with the hashtag part!

Take a chance to learn some basic hashtag theory, and view the list you can copy/paste from below!

Basic Hashtag Strategy on TikTok

There are 3 basic things you want to ensure you take into account when choosing your TikTok hashtags:

1: 2-3 Large-Volume Hashtags

You want your videos to reach as many people as possible. Large-volume hashtags (the ones on this list) will open your videos up to large audiences.

However, they can also be a very crowded space.

This will mean that these hashtags aren't likely to get very many views during your initial few hours. During the first few hours, TikTok will show your video to a select few people (typically around 300-500) and get a feel of how much that audience likes it.

If they do, then it will push the video out to these Large-Volume Hashtags.

2: 2-3 Niche Hashtags

So, how do we ensure the best initial audience of 300-500 people?

Niche hashtags.

These hashtags are smaller, and typically have less posts that are competing for attention.

I'd recommend adding 2-3 small hashtags (not the ones listed here) to each post to get a good first impression.

3: Fit As Many Hashtags As Possible

TikTok doesn't penalize you for using too many hashtags (unlike other platforms).

So, if you have additional space, fit in as many relevant keywords as you can find.

Now, without further ado, the list:

Top General Dog/Puppy Hashtags


10323 views/post


8453 views/post


7874 views/post


7858 views/post


7790 views/post


7384 views/post


7270 views/post


7235 views/post


7063 views/post


6647 views/post


5536 views/post


3942 views/post


3700 views/post


3566 views/post


3073 views/post


2348 views/post


2289 views/post


2289 views/post


1959 views/post


1927 views/post

Top Dog Grooming Hashtags


31546 views/post


15888 views/post


14410 views/post


14233 views/post


10273 views/post


9537 views/post


7795 views/post


7275 views/post


7230 views/post


7068 views/post


6633 views/post


3073 views/post


2106 views/post


1927 views/post

Top Dog Walking Hashtags


5456 views/post


2225 views/post


1899 views/post


1778 views/post


1209 views/post


501 views/post

Top Dog Training Hashtags


20263 views/post


16068 views/post


14788 views/post


12693 views/post


9514 views/post

Top Dog Sitting Hashtags


12000 views/post


1709 views/post


1641 views/post


1335 views/post


1193 views/post


952 views/post


822 views/post

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Top 52 Dog Hashtags for Dog Influencers on TikTok

Learn basic TikTok Hashtag theory, and find the best hashtags for:

General Dog/Puppy Hashtags

Dog Grooming Hashtags

Dog Walking Hashtags

Dog Training Hashtags

Dog Sitting Hashtags

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