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Our Official Authors & Experts

This page contains a complete list of all of our Authors & Experts. If anyone claims to be an official Author & Expert, but they do not appear on this page, they are not an Author & Expert. These people have contributed to the dog-care community by sharing their expertise with the world in an effort to educate, inform, and help parents of fur babies across the globe.

Who Can Become An Author & Expert?

If you earn a living (either full-time or part time) by providing dog-related products or services,


you are a micro-influencer that creates dog training, veterinary info, dog sitting, dog boarding, dog walking, dog grooming, dog breeding, dog nutrition, or ANY kind of dog-related content.

What Benefits Are There To Being An Author & Expert?

There are actually a lot more benefits to guest writing than you may have considered before.

Guest writing can actually signal to Google that your website is legit, and push your website to more people (SEO).

Also, due to the nature of our business being a local business, guest writing on our site can also help you generate more leads in your local area.

You'll also be given a special authority badge and a confirmation site showing that you are an expert in your field.

You'll also expand your influence & reach by tapping into our growing audience.

How Can I Become An Author & Expert?

You can become an Author & Expert by writing your first article with us as a guest writer!

We are currently accepting guest writers that qualify based on the qualifications above.

Become An Author & Expert
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